Cutting Edge Natural
Language technology
We're at the intersection of NLP, content, and artificial intelligence and aim to bring them together to
redefine search.
Our engineers are driven by a single defining purpose; to envision and build technology that utilizes natural language for enhancing search and provisioning relevant and useful content.
We aim to expose the potential of
natural language processing
to the world.
Our statistical machine learning system allows us to expand into new categories extremely quickly, which enables us to change search paradigms to make it as natural and simple as possible.
We are pushing boundaries by finding the
right balance
between structured and unstructured data.
OWLNEST is beginning to organize rich unstructured and structured data on the web to strive towards providing more relevant results.
to support
growth and
of search queries.
OWLNEST's strong infrastructure foundation allows our robust system to scale for maximum availability to millions of users.